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Woven Label
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● Why Junmay Woven Label?

Junmay is the largest label manufacturer of Taiwan, and has multiple sites across Asia.

We are nominated supplier to Nike, Adidas, Puma, Mango and many more first tier-brands.

At Junmay, we will provide the same quality and service to every brand across the globe.


● Woven Label Materials: 

Most woven label are 100%.

At Junmay, we also R&D on specialized yarns, such as spun poly, metallic, Mono-filament, TPU, flurry yarns and much more.


● Woven Label Applications:

Woven labels are commonly used on garments, bags, footwear and accessories.

Base on the type of products, we can provide different post-processing including starching, backing cloth, iron-on etc.


● Woven Label Types:

High Density woven: The most common weaving technique on the market, provides sharp details and textural weaving possibilities.

Satin woven: Satin faced.

Taffeta woven: A more “old-school” texture with loose structures.


● Woven Label Colors:

Up to 8 colors, or full-color weaving.

However number of colors will directly affect quotation, as well as thickness of the label.


● Woven Label Design Tips:

1. Woven labels are weaved by color yarn, creating amazing textile feel and touch to it.

2. However they will not be able to provide same level of details as printed labels.

3. Designs of circular lines, there will be slight “zig-zag” distortion which cannot be fully resolved.

4. When base color is LIGHTER than logo/text (such as black on white), the base color will be affected by the darker color yarns.


Junmay Label is a Woven Label manufacturer with more than 30 years of experiences supplying innovative & customized Garment Labels, Clothing Labels, Shoe Labels. JUNMAY LABEL Manufacturer supply high quality Woven Label, Custom Woven Label Products in Taiwan.