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Tyvek Printed Label

With our own ribbon/tape production factory, Junmay is able to offer the finest quality printed labels at competitive prices.
You may choose tape materials from polyester satin to premium cotton twill tapes, finished with various kinds of cuts and folds

  • Product ID:JML-Tyvek
  • Product Origin:Taiwan / China / Vietnam
Tyvek Printed Label
Product Specification

Tyvek Printed Label
 Ranging from 6mm - 110 mm

 Satin/ Taffeta/ Twill/ Grosgrain

【Tape Color】
 Color yarn or On-Site Dyeing System

【Print Color】
 Maximum 6 colors front, 2 colors back

 100% Polyester/ Spun-Polyester

【Fold / Cut 】
 Heat/Ultra-Sonic cut & Laser Center, End, Manhattan, Mitre fold. 
 Contact us for special folding requests. 

 OEKO-TEX Standard 100   
 ISO 14001

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Why Choosing Junmay Label?

● Manufacturer pricings, Premium qualities 

 -  Established in 1982, Junmay has over 30 years of experiences.

 -  Multiple production sites across Asia, ship worldwide.

 -  Nominated supplier for big brands, including Nike,Adidas,Timberland, Reebok, Puma,Mango.


● Product solutions with full customization.

 -  Junmay provides solutions for garments, footwear, baggage, and accessories.

 -  Free design advice. 



● Industry leading facilities. 

 -  Junmay is an ISO 14001 factory with industry leading European looms & Machineries.



● Certificates


                  Regularly tested by SGS & Intertek                 2017 OEKO-TEX Certificate

● Quality control

 -  Products are tested with highest standards in color fastness, abrasion and restricted materials.

 -  In house laboratories.


● Global Exposure

 -  Annually attend leading shows including OR Show, NW Show, NE Show, ISPO, TITAS.


Junmay Label is a Tyvek Printed Label manufacturer with more than 30 years of experiences supplying innovative & customized Tyvek Printed Label, Garment Labels, Clothing Labels, Shoe Labels .Junmay has been a nominated Tyvek Printed Label supplier to Nike, Adidas, and other name brands. We can provide you with Tyvek Printed Label  & other product solutions with competitive prices and fast global shipping. Junmay is able to offer the finest quality Tyvek Printed Labels at competitive prices.

You are the most Welcome to contact us Printed Label, Tyvek Printed Label.


Tyvek Printed Label Specification:

●Tyvek Printed Label Width: Ranging from 6mm~110mm

●Tyvek Printed Labe Material: Satin/ Taffeta/ Twill/ Grosgrain

●Tyvek Printed Labe Tape Color: Color yarn or On-Site Dyeing System

●Tyvek Printed Labe Composition: 100% Polyester/ Spun-Polyester