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● Why Junmay Printed Label?

Junmay is the largest label manufacturer of Taiwan, and has multiple sites across Asia.

We are nominated supplier to Nike, Adidas, Puma, Mango and many more first tier-brands.

Junmay also is one of the few manufactures that weaves our own tapes! 

Hence we provide much more choices on tapes and design options.


● Printed Label Materials:

The more common tape material options are:

100% Polyester – Satin ribbon, Dull faced satin.

Spun Polyester – Polyester tapes with cotton texture and hand-feel.

100% Cotton – Twill, Grosgrain and plain weaving cotton tapes.

Nylon – Thinner materials and commonly used for care-labels.


● Printing Methods:

Rotary Printing

Screen Printing

Digital (full-color) Printing


● Printed Label Application:

Printed label, compares to woven, has smoother edges hence better suits for labels that directly contact the skin. Such as care label, labels for kids, and much more.


● Printed Label Design Tips:

1. With designs with fine details and smaller text, printed label is also recommended rather than woven.

2. Standard colors for Satin Ribbon are black and white. We can either custom-dye color, or look for stock ribbons for other colors demanded.

3. When print color is “lighter” than base color (ex: black ribbon, white logo), we will need to proceed with “screen printing” which cost more, as well as higher MOQ.


Junmay Label is a Printed Labesl manufacturer with more than 30 years of experiences supplying innovative & customized Garment Labels, Clothing Labels, Shoe Labels. 

Junmay is an ISO 14001 factory with industry leading European looms & Machineries. We supply high quality Printed Labels, Custom Printed Labels Products in Taiwan. Junmay has been a nominated Printed Labels supplier to Nike, Adidas, and other name brands. We can provide you with Printed Labels & other product solutions with competitive prices and fast global shipping. Welcome to contact us Printed Labels.

Printed Labels Products:

Tear Away Printed Label, Nylon Printed Label, Tyvek Printed Label, Custom Printed Labels, Cotton Printed Label