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Junmay Label is a Care Label manufacturer with more than 30 years of experiences supplying innovative & customized Garment LabelsClothing LabelsShoe Labels and Care Label. Junmay has been a nominated Care Label supplier to Nike, Adidas and other name brands. We can provide you with Care Label & other product solutions with competitive prices and fast global shipping. Welcome to contact us Care Label.


Care Label Products: 
● Custom Care Labels ( 
Care Label )

Custom Care Labels Width: Ranging from 6mm - 110 mm
Custom Care Labels Material: Satin/ Taffeta/ Twill/ Grosgrain
● Cotton Care Label ( 
Care Label )

Cotton Care Label Width: Ranging from 6mm - 110 mm
Cotton Care Label Material: Satin/ Taffeta/ Twill/ Grosgrainl